Pizza, non alcoholic cocktails and great company! - Supermarine


On thursday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event at Supermarine in Woolston as part of the Sotonbloggers. For those of you who may not be familiar with Soton Bloggers (Southampton Bloggers) it is a group for bloggers, vloggers and influencers run by the lovely Alice Spake. 

For this particular event we attended Supermarine in Woolston which is a 'wood fired Pizza' restaurant and who doesn't love a good pizza, right? This event was a chance for the restaurant to show us there new menu and we were definitely all  
blown away.

One thing that I really noticed about the menu at Supermarine was that they really cater for everyone despite some of us bloggers being vegan, gluten free or vegetarian (not myself, but others!) We had a large selection of starters which consisted of; Pesto and fresh basil Crostini, Avocado and Balsamic Crostini, Sausage and Mozzarella Crostini, Nocellare Del Belice Olives and Cured Meat.

I was so gutted that I wasn't able to drink because the cocktails looked incredible although I was able to enjoy a non alcoholic mojito which was extraordinary.

The interior decor was very swarve too from the copper lights and bare ceilings to the fresh flowers on the tables it was very instagramable (perfect for a group of bloggers!)

 How gorgeous is the interior decor though?!

The pizzas are all cooked in the wood fire oven which you can view from your table, this gives the pizzas a really fresh taste. The pizzas that we enjoyed were done in sections so that we could sample all of the different ones on offer at Supermarine. 

They do not just do 'savoury pizzas' - We also were treated to the delightful desert pizza covered in fresh strawberries and nutella.

Now would I go back to Supermarine? Yes definitely, the pizzas were so tasty how could one not? All the staff were lovely and couldn't of been better hosts, so thank you for having us all and putting up with us positioning food to get 'good lighting'. You can find Supermarines' new menu here 

 I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the girls that attended this event and of course to Alice for organising such a wonderful evening, it was my first Soton Bloggers event and to be quite honest I was fairly nervous and I look forward to my next one. I came away from this event feeling so inspired and motivated   after spending time with such a                                                                   wonderful group of talented women.

You can find all these lovely ladies below -

We visited the Pug Cafe!


On Sunday 25th of February we visited the Pop Up Pug Cafe in Nottingham *No I haven't gone insane!* We were travelling up to Nottingham for the weekend to visit family so what a better way to spend our sunday than at the Pug Cafe. Our family in Nottingham also have a pug called Missy so of course, she came along too! 

Now if you're anything like me you had never heard of a Pug Cafe before, let alone what one involved. It was like pug heaven... pugs everywhere, running around, drinking Pugaccinos and playing with each other. Also inside the pug cafe was a lovely little stall that sold homemade dog biscuits and Sobar was catering for us humans. 
We met some really lovely people at this event and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who owns a pug or simply likes them (you don't have to own a pug to go)

Myself, Abbie, Missy and Mia.

Mia's first ever time staying in a hotel... believe it or not she was very well behaved! 

Pug Cafe is currently on tour around the country so if you would like some more information on the upcoming events you can find out here

Until next time,