Things Beauty Therapists Get Bored Of Hearing...


So recently I gained my Beauty Therapist qualification so in celebration of that I thought I would share with you all a few of the things that I hear on a daily basis from clients. I would just like to say that despite these little things I absolutely love my job and I feel privileged every day to spend hours doing what I love.

'I wanted shellac not gels.' 

Now I hear this on a daily basis, SHELLAC & GELS ARE THE SAME THING! They are just different names for them.

'Does waxing hurt?'

You are pulling hair out of your skin, what do you think?

'Does threading hurt?'


'Are your eyelashes real?' 

I also specialise in individual eyelash extensions, so I always get asked if my lashes are real and when I reply 'yes' I then get asked why I haven't got lash extensions.

'You wouldnt want to touch my feet they are really bad?'

The point in a pedicure is to improve the condition and appearance of your feet, if everyone had lovely smooth feet 'pedicures' wouldn't be a treatment.

'I want a nude colour'

I know some therapists enjoy painting nude colours but personally I enjoy doing dark/brights. So when a client requests a nude colour I slightly die inside.

'Dont you get bored of talking to people' 

I never get bored of talking to clients, a lot of them come to us for a treat or for some 'quiet time'. I love hearing about their lives and bringing some happiness to their day. That's why I love my job because something so little like a set of fresh gels can make that person's day and make them feel great. So next time you go to the nail salon or for a massage remember this post... they will appreciate it, trust me.