Deer Makeup!? Hair & Beauty Show

During this week I attended a local Hair & Beauty show to help a friend out by modelling for her. It was a wonderful day despite the imense inhaling of hairspray and body paint which I am still coughing from. I thought you all would be interested in the look. Our theme was 'Spring' so I was turned into a Deer. I genuinely think the makeup was done very well, it took a few hours to get my face contoured correctly.
I was originally planning on vlogging the whole day for my channel but on the way to the venue my camera decided to refuse to work, so then I realised that I was going to have to miss a great vlogging opportunity and take Iphone selfies instead and write a post decided to it (hence the Iphone selfies below)

I will list as many as the products used below that I can remember! I was considering filming a makeup tutorial for this look soon if that is helpful.

Lashes (Similar): Eylure Lashes

I hope to be able to attend next years Hair & Beauty show.
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Why Did You Start Blogging?


I thought I would answer a question that I am frequently asked, Why Did You Start Blogging?
Well... I am a person who always has to much to say, I tend to make my feelings well known and I usually say things that I dont usually mean and later regret.
For as long as I can remember I have always written Diaries and written stories based around various experiences and thoughts.
One thing that not many people know about me is that I actually started a Youtube Channel 3 years ago when I was 13, I soon deleted it... Now I am back and happy with the content I am producing and my Channel as a whole.
If we just forget about Youtube as a platform for a moment, I adore writing this blog. I get to share experiences and thoughts with you all whenever I feel like it. I find it honestly incredible that so many people take the time out of their day to read my 'badly composed' words.

Writing my blog and making Youtube videos for you guys is my hobby and I will continue doing it for a long time yet!

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Mothers Day Gifts!


This year for Mothers Day I wanted to do something a little different for my Mum. Normally I would buy a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates but I thought I would have a look around the shops and see what I could get for my mum to pamper herself.

First of all, I brought two facial masks from Superdrug. The 'Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask' and the 'Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask'. I really reccomend the Superdrug own brand facial masks, they leave you face feeling so soft and cleansed after using them. Also they are avaliable in many different scents.

Next I brought the Superdrug own brand 'Vitamin E Dry Oil for hair and body' I thought this would be a great product for my mum to use, its easy and quick to apply and will make her skin feel wonderful.

I also brought my mum a 'Dual ended Sharpener' for cosmetic pencils (eye pencils). I know my mum always needs one as eyeliner is one of the only products she might wear when going out so I popped one of those in my basket.

Next I brought the 'Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel' this is just another product to help my mum to care for her skin and prehaps form a skin care routine. This product has such a lovely after use effect, it can be used on any skin types so anyone can use it.

Second to last I purchased the Superdrug own brand 'Hand & Nail Cream' just another little thing to add to my mum's bag of goodies.

Finally I got my Mum a lovely 'Barry M' nail varnish in the shade 358 Vintage Violet. Like many mum's mine doesn't like bright colours when it comes to nail varnish so this shade was perfect.

I hope you may of got some inspiration from this post on what to buy your Mum for Mothers Day (THIS SUNDAY!) Please remember its the thought that counts, just spending the day with your Mum is a lovely way to spend the day.

Products mentioned in this post;

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So for this post I have decided to think about where I might be in 5 years time and what I may of achieved... In 5 years time I will be 21 years old *ahhh*

By the age of 21 I hope to of been successful at college and got 3 A levels in Photography (course im starting in September) and then the rest is all a bit of a muddle, im not sure if I want to go down the photography route or prehaps turn to fashion? Maybe even journalism, who knows?
The point is im only 16, I dont know what I want to be doing when Im 21 years old, that seems like such a long way off.
Truth is I would love to have my own fashion line and prehaps makeup range, I believe if you want something enough and you work for it, then it will eventually happen. So wish me luck guys!

But in the mean time I have to tackle these GCSE's which are fastly approaching over the next couple of months then have an amazing summer with great people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Let me know...

Until next time,

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Molly's Den - Retro Emporium


This morning I decided to take a trip and go to one of my favourite places, Molly's Den. I adore spending a morning walking around all the various different items.
Molly's Den is a huge 30,000 sq ft vintage warehouse which inside allows traders to have their own units to sell their items. Inside you can find anything from Shabby chic furniture to antique phones, not forgetting the amazing vintage clothing! It's also like a photographers dream, everything looks so photogenic (see photos below)
I thought I would just share with you all what I got up to this morning... You can go to Molly's Den website by clicking this link

Until next time,

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