Kylie Jenner Lipkits - My HONEST Opinion...


Ok, so im usually not one to follow 'makeup crazes' and various other internet trends although there has been such a hype and demand for the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits that I figured I would give them a try...

I only purchased two matte liquid lipsticks because let's be honest, they cost a small fortune! I purchased the shades Dolce K and Candy K. The most difficult part of this process for me was choosing what shades I thought would suit my skin tone the best as I of a very pale complexion. The swatches that I have seen of Candy K I figured it would be almost the right shade for me skin, but this wasn't the case... Both shades are extremely dark and 'bold' on me which I personally do not like. 

Now onto the formula of the products, I have found that these lipkits don't last. I have found that they crack after a couple of hours and then I find myself having to take the product off, has anyone else had this problem? Although the mattes are extremely opaque and do have great pigmentation.

I hardly ever write bad reviews about brands but I must say on this occasion I feel it must be done, these liquid lipsticks aren't cheap they retail at $29.00 USD which is about £22.00 which is almost the price of a YSL lipstick which is of much better quality in my opinion. 

I will be listing both of these products on my DEPOP they have only been swatched and worn once. My depop username is 'stormydoos'

Until next time,

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