Prom - Leavers '15.

Finally the night arrived that I have been dreaming of and planning for, PROM NIGHT! - I have never been a 'girly girl' yet the idea of dressing up as a princess in a big dress has always appealed to me. I remember when I was much younger (about 5 or 6 years old) I always wanted to wear a big pink dress for my prom when it finally arrived, so that is exactly what I did.

I actually brought my dress last August when the prom season was over so the dresses happened to be on sale which really went in my favour!
My shoes that I matched with my dress were orignally from Newlook a couple of years ago and they also came with a matching silver clutch.

The jewellery that I wore with my dress was my Pandora Bracelet, a tiffany necklace and a diamonte 'alice band' style tiara.

Prom had massive significance for me, I never really enjoyed school but the last few years I have finally met some really lovely friends, hopefully some of which I can call friends for life. Spending my prom evening with them was truely lovely and I wouldn't of chosen a better group of people to be with. Everyone looked so grown-up and smart in their dresses and suits.

People do not attend prom for the awful buffets or the terrible music, but they simply attend to spend a final evening saying goodbye to their secondary school friends and teachers. I wouldn't of changed my prom evening for the world. 

It was exactly what I always dreamt of.

OOTD - Boohoo Loving!

I wanted to share yet another OOTD with you all today. As you may know if you follow me on my personal social medias (linked below) I am extemely into monochrome patterened clothing recently, so basically black and white. Usually this would be fine if it was winter in England, alhough of course it has to be going into the summer months, well that's if we actually get one this year.

This monochrome dress was originally from Boohoo although it was purchased a couple of years ago. It was actually borrowed off of one of my very good friends... Personally I wasn't fond of this piece when it was hanging in her wardrobe yet once it was on, I automatically fell in love.

I matched this dress with a pair of heels which were in my previous OOTD post (Monochrome OOTD ) that were brought from Newlook also a while ago.

*Thank you to Issy for helping me with the photos and lending me your lovely dress!*
Until next time,