A whole year of Maci.

13th June, what a significant date. The date I became a mother, one whole year ago.

I've had many mixed feelings about Maci's first birthday, i've felt excited, nervous, anxious and extremely proud. Proud of her for turning one, she has achieved so much in her 365 days of life earthside but I also feel proud of myself for reaching this milestone as a parent.

We celebrated Maci's birthday with a trip out to 'soft play' on her actual birthday and then the following weekend we hosted a Picnic Party with all of her little friends that we have met by going to various different baby groups/classes, safe to say I think we were definitely more excited about all her birthday 'happenings' than what she was.

I managed to snap a few photos of the party before the other little ones arrived... safe to say the party hats didn't stay that organised very long! We had a lovely afternoon, we had lots of laughs and ate all the cakes.

All the decorations were from various high street stores.

This milestone banner was purchased from a brilliant ebayer and the photos were printed via FreePrints.

So for those of you who are parents, enjoy every minute because they do honestly grow up too quickly and I can't believe we now have a beautiful one year old.

We were also very kindly gifted a Cake smash photoshoot from the lovely Zoe - If you're in the Southampton area I highly suggest having a look at her page as shes incredibly talented and made us feel very relaxed Zoe Louise Photography 

I will also be posting various photos from this shoot on my Instagram

The last year has been a whirlwind of emotions, parenthood is definitely the hardest 'hood' I've ever been too. But I wouldn't change it for the world, everyday we are growing together and experiencing new things. All the poo explosions, puke covered tops and sleepless nights (many...) are worth it.

It's a pleasure to be your mummy Maci, here's to the next year my love.