Two Whole Years Of Maci


It seems like only yesterday I was sat writing my pregnancy announcement and now I am creating this post to celebrate the fact that Maci turned two last week and I'm not quite sure how that has happened. I now have a two year old, Maci is no longer classed as a 'baby' but she will always be my little 8lbs 11oz baby Maci. 

I could never of imagined what would of happened in two years since Maci was born, we have moved house twice and we are now hopefully in our 'forever home', relationships broke down and life got somewhat complicated but despite all of this Maci has thrived as a little girl and is the most caring and entertaining soul. I certainly did not bring Maci into this world planning to be a single mum for her first and second birthdays but life always finds a way to throw a curveball at you and this was ours, I am lucky enough that Maci is not aware of the situation but I certainly am and it has helped me become a stronger and more independent person and for that I am thankful. 

Maci's birthday's are always an emotional day as is any child's birthday but Maci's especially because I always remember the absolute hell I went through to bring her into this world and quite honestly how lucky I am to be able to celebrate her birthdays with her. I won't go into depth about my whole birth 
story but you can read the post here - My Labor and Delivery Story

Maci had a lovely birthday despite having to maintain Lockdown conditions due to Coronavirus, we spent the day in the garden with our dearest family and friends, opening presents and enjoying eachothers company from a distance. Maci's birthday cake was from Patty Cakes UK, the cake topper and unicorn confetti was from Wildoneandi (AD) and last but no means least the incredible balloon garland and '2' was from Luxe List

Here's to another year of adventures from Maci and I.

Until next time,

AD - Fathers Day with Funky Pigeon


With Fathers day fastly approaching it can be a tough and emotional day for some families although Funky Pigeon cater for every type of family type which I really like and appreciate. I have kindly been gifted a couple of lovely gifts from their Fathers Day range. These gifts are from Maci to my dad, her grandad. 

This key ring is a super affordable gift, the quality is excellent. You can easily upload an image from your device and edit the placement until you're happy! 

The second item  I chose was this customised cushion, im one of those people who always think you can't have enough cushions. The cushion once again feels of very good quality material and the image isn't pixalated at all. Overall, I am very happy with these two items and I am excited to see my dads face when we give them to him on Fathers Day.

Funky Pigeon also have a wide range of other gifts available for Fathers Day such as; 

Customisable Balloons and much more! There really is a gift for everyone.

This post contains gifted items with obligation to post. All opinions are those of Storms Blog.

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