10,000 BLOG VIEWS!


Just a quick update!

I am so happy to announce that my little blog hit 10,000 views a couple of days ago! I started this blog on the 3rd November 2014 and since then 10,000 people have read my posts! Seems almost to insane to believe it, thank you all so much and I have MANY exciting projects and collabs coming in the next few months for you!

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OOTD - Winter Beach Walk

At the weekend I decided to take a trip down the local beach and take some photos for my photography portfolio. Of course going down the beach, in the winter in England sounded rather cold. It certainly was...

The outfit I was wearing was made up of;

- A navy blue knitted Jack wills jumper, I got this item for my birthday and its honestly one of the warmest pieces of clothing I own (besides coats & jackets). I love how this jumper is designed so I can wear a collared blouse or shirt underneath!
I couldn't find the exact link, although this one is slightly similar!
- Jumper - (http://www.asos.com/Jack-Wills/Jack-Wills-Cable-Jumper/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4296081&cid=12951&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Navy&totalstyles=130&gridsize=3)

-  I matched this Jumper with a pair of Jack wills leggings, simple although very warm!
   Leggings -  http://www.jackwills.com/en-gb/product/redbrook-leggings-10000240201

- The white moon boots are from Forever 21, I absolutely adore these shoes.
- My bow diamonte earings are also from Forever 21.
- Finally I added a grey and white patterned cashmeer scarf to this look to make it more appropriate for winter.

This was my first ever OOTD, I will make sure for my next one I will have all the links for every product/item.
(Thank you to Olivia and Issy for helping me with the photos!)

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Weekly Favourites - Marvellous Maybelline!


It has been requested that I write about my 'Weekly favourites'... It just so happened that I popped into Superdrug this week and picked up some new products! Some of these you may of seen in other posts but I may of just recently started using it every day, hence why its in my weeky favs!
Right... here we go!

First of all, I finally brought a new mascara (yay!) The Maybelline 'Lash sensational, lash multiplying mascara' was a feature product in my local Superdrug. It looked very pretty (Beautiful packaging wooo) and the applicator looked a nice size so I purchased this mascara. Personally I feel this mascara would work a lot better if you spend more time putting it on (not 10 minutes in the morning because your late for school) I say this because if you don't apply it properly it can look clumpy and not nice... Take your time applying and it will honestly look wonderful!

Next is the Maybelline 'Baby skin, Instant pore eraser primer' -  Before I brought this primer I was having a real problem with my makeup, it wasn't staying matte all day and it looked like it was freshly applied with no power by lunch time (not a good look!). My friend recommended this primer (Hey Issy) It's honestly been one of my best ever purchases! Highly recomended!

For my birthday, one of my best friends brought me Zoella's (Zoe sugg) new design of makeup bag! I already have to blue polka dot 'eye design' which I actually use as a pencil case because of the size of it... Thank you Olivia ;) Im pretty sure I will use this one for actually whats its for, which obviously is a makeup bag!

Finally I purchased two of Superdrug's facial masks! The 'Superfruits exfoliating mask' and the 'Tropical cocktail peel-off mask' - I haven't tried these two products out yet but I will post a quick review on Instagram after I have tried them. Just thought I would add it on to the bottom of this post because I am sure that they will be great, there is nothing more relaxing than a facial mask.

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Nominated AGAIN for a Liebster Bloggers award! + BIRTHDAY!


I have been nominated for a Liebster bloggers award by the wonderful Holly (http://hollykenyon.blogspot.co.uk/) If you read my blog you will know that last week I was nominated by Libby which I am so greatful and apreciative for. 

When nominated for a Liebster award the blogger who of which nominated you will post some questions on their blog for you to answer. Here are Holly's questions and my answers...

  1. Why did you start blogging?  I started blogging because I feel like I had to much that I wanted to say about products... I couldn't type everything I wanted to with posts on Instagram so I finally decided to start a blog and I am incredibly happy that I did!
  2. What is the worst thing that you are scared of? The worst thing that I am scared of would probably have to be thunder and lightning, its ironic considering my name (Storm). 
  3. What do you do when you are not blogging? When I am not blogging I am either taking photos, at school or sleeping... the fun of a Year 11 student.
  4. What is your favourite food? And why? My favourite food would have to be Sushi, I dont eat it a lot but honestly its the most scrummiest thing ever!
  5. What's your favourite quote? I actually have two favourite quotes and they would be 'Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself' and 'Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.'
  6. Has blogging helped your personally in life? I think blogging has boosted my confidence, people actually want to read what I write which I find so shocking! So thank you!
  7. What blogger inspires you? Bloggers that inspire me would have to be Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Crystal Lily (FiveFootFour).
  8. What is your favourite animal?  My favourite animal would have to be a wolf.
  9. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? I think I would stay myself because I wouldn't know what it would be like to be anyone else, so stay myself. 
  10. And finally, how do you come up for the content of your blog? I get inspiration for my content on all social media's and I ask my friends for what they would like to see a post on.   

I would like to say a massive thank you to my viewers, I honestly never expected my blog to have this much of an 'audience'. 
If you follow me on Instagram (stormydoos) you will know that Monday (19th) was my birthday hence no post, I had a lovely day and spend it with my lovely friends. Thank you all to you... 

Until next time,
Stormydoos x 


Nominated for a Liebster Bloggers Award?!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award! Massive thank you to Libby (http://or-do-we-all.blogspot.co.uk/) for nominating me… I wasn’t sure what this award entailed so I had to do a little bit of research. It’s a huge honour and big step for my little blog, so once again Thank you!
1) What do you do if you run out of creative inspiration (for anything?)
If I need inspiration for something, for example a photo-shoot. I tend to search for images on Tumblr or Pinterest to adjust to my own style and liking. I always tend to have ideas for blog posts, normally think of them during school (woops).
2)  Morning or evening?
I am not a morning person, so most certainly the evening!
3) If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?
I would have to be an elf, I love how they are always ‘one’ with nature and they always appear so peaceful!
4) What's your favourite word?
For some reason the word ‘hooliganism’ has been my favourite, not really sure why.
5) What helps you concentrate?
I can’t work in a loud environment like many people, it has to be quiet.
6) What 3 things are you determined to achieve (generally)?
I would love to achieve a ‘summer body’ because my family and I are going on holiday to Greece in the holidays, I would love to reach 20,000 reads on my blog before March 1st and finally I would like to have a feature in a magazine one day, either my photography, blog or modelling.
7) What's your guilty pleasure?
Not sure… ;)
8) Would you rather live without a roof or without a "proper" floor?
I would rather live without a proper floor because I hate rain.
9) Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog on 3/11/14 (3rd November)
10) Have you ever eaten a whole cake?
Im not a big ‘cake lover’ so nope.
11) How much trouble would you be in if you had no hands?
A lot of trouble, it would mean I would struggle to type… so no blogs :(

Rules of the Liebster award!
1) Link and thank the person/s that have nominated you.
2) Answer their questions.
3) Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
4) Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
6) Let the bloggers know that they've been nominated via social media.

 I nominate! - 

Nellie (http://nellielowephotography.blogspot.co.uk/) Most incredible photography I have ever seen! 
Holly - (http://hollykenyon.blogspot.co.uk/) One of the loveliest people ever!
And of course, Libby herself!  (http://or-do-we-all.blogspot.co.uk/)

Congrats lovelies and goodluck! <3

My questions for my nominees are;
Most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
Best trick ever played on someone?
Most stupid thing you ever done?
Amount of sleep you get on average each night?
Do you have any middle names, if so what are they?
Do you have any pets, if so what are they?
 Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
How do you come up for the content of your blog?
Favourite subject at school/college?
Libby, Nellie and Holly all you have to do is answer the questions above ^^ and post them onto your blog and nominate a few blogs each! 

Until next time,

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Zoella Beauty Review + Girl Online!

If you dont know who Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is then you need to head over to youtube and type her name in... your welcome ;)
Zoella Beauty launched on the 27th September 2014, since then the products have gone on to sell out across the UK and online! Of course I headed out and brought some of the products... I didn't buy all of the collection although with the Items that I brought I was very impressed, also they are all extemely affordable!
I brought the Zoella Beauty Mistful fragranced (photo below) and this product has a lovely summery fragrance, you can wear it to any occasion because the scent isn't to 'heavy'. Its only £9.50 which is a very good price! Buy the Body Mist! 
I also purchased the Zoella Beauty Eyes beauty bag! This is actually supposed to be a makeup bag although I was in need of a new pencil case for school, its held out really well and is still in great condition. Its a great size meaning I can fit all of my stationary in it... you could easily fit your every day makeup inside! Buy the 'Eyes Makeup Bag!'
Finally I brought the Zoella Beauty candle, this candle had a lovely scent and it filled my bedroom! Only issue with this candle is that it comes in a 'tin' and you need to make sure that it is on a nonflamable surface because the tin heats up! (be careful!)

Overall  I was very impressed with Zoe's collection and can't wait to purchase more of it! I am especially looking forward to buying her new makeup bag because they are such a great size and last really well! Zoella Beauty New Makeup Bag!

Not forgetting Zoe's book 'Girl Online' which launched on 25th November 2014. As of December 2014 the book was the fastest selling book of 2014 and it also broke the record for highest first week sales for a debut author since records began. The sequel is due in summer 2015.
I will review this book when I manage to read it... :)

Until next time,

Lulu's Boutique! - Girlie Shopping Heaven.


I have been meaning to feature this wonderful business on my blog for quite some time, although like many things you just dont happen to get around to it. Well, I finally had time to visit Lulu's and photograph one of their beautiful, perfect shops.
Lulu's Gift & Home Boutique have a stunning shop and a website meaning you can purchase their items/products online.
Lulu's have a range of items from wonderfully handpainted tea sets to scented pens, which may I add smell absolutely yummy!

Below are just some of the things Lulu's have to offer their customers;

* FREE gift wrapping on everything bought online on our webshop AND 48hr delivery!
* Lovely friendly helpful staff who like to make your shopping experience with us even more enjoyable!
* SUPPORT for local people who make pretty things! We love stuff that is individual and different so you will always find something unique in our shops! Our youngest designer is 11 years old and she makes lovely cards!
* PRICES to suit every pocket from just a £1 everyone can afford to take a little piece of Lulu's home!

I would highly suggest Lulu's to anybody,  for example if you needed to buy a gift for someone or if you wanted something beautiful for your house!

Where can I find Lulu's ; Lulu's Lymington: 124 High Street Lymington Hampshire SO41 9AQ 01590 688974

Website: www.lulus.co.uk

 'Lulu's is as if Tumblr met Instagram, then merged together to become a shop' - Issy

Until next time,

How to - Tripple chocolate brownies!


I decided to give 'making brownies' a go... Baring in mind I dont even know how to use an oven this was a massive task for me, despite this the brownies turned out very yummy!
I used 'Ghiradelli chocolate, Brownie mix' this box included 4 singular bagged brownie batches, this made it easier to figure out the measurements of water, oil and eggs for the amount of brownies that I wanted to make.
On the back of the box it included measurements of water, oil and eggs compared to the number of brownies you wanted to watch (if that makes sense).

I really liked this mixture because it had clear instructions of how to make these brownies, even down the size of tin you should use!

  • Preheat oven to 160degrees / 325F / Gas Mark 3. Lightly grease pan.
  • Place water, oil and egg/s in a mixing bowl and stir until fully mixed. Add brownie mix and stir until well blended. Spread in prepared pan.
  • Bake! If you are using a glass pan, add 5 minutes to the bake time. Cool completely in pan before cutting.   

 I made 24 brownies 'extra thick' brownies. I used a 33 x 23cm/ 13'' x 9'' pan
What I used (measurements);
  •  2 pouches of brownie mix
  • 150ml/ 5.03 oz Water
  • 150ml/ 5.3 oz Vegetable Oil
  • 2 eggs
  • Bake in preheated oven (160 degrees) for 50-55 minutes.
I decided to cut up some fudge and break up a flake and add it to my brownies, making them even more tasty! 
Good luck! Hope they turn out as yummy as mine did! If you decide to make some brownies, don't forget to tag me in your photos on Instagram /stormydoos

Until next time,

Visiting the Intu Trafford Centre!


On the 31st December 2014 myself and my family visited the Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester. I have never been before so I was expecting something simple with a lot of shops which sounded pretty good to me!
I couldn't of been more wrong, the Trafford Centre is anything but simple! Every where you looked were stylish fountains and incredible painted ceilings. Not to mention every thinkable shop, all in one building! I even managed to find a 'Forever 21' which I have never been able to find a store in the UK so I have always brought from them online.
I could of easily spent hours just walking round apreciating the beauty of the building let alone the shopping as well.

Sadly I didn't have my camera with me, meaning I could not take photos of the wonderful building. I will find some photos to attach to the bottom of this post, although please bare in mind they are not mine and all credit goes to the owners.
I have photographed some of my favourite purchases from the day, both from which are from Forever 21.

Really great morning out with the family.
Until next time,

Pandora - Unforgettable Moments


Nearly three years ago as a present I got brought the silver Pandora chain. Since then I have gained more beads, charms and clips.
The beads and charms I currently have are;

  •  The Red Flower Murano Charm (no. 709622 - Discontinued)
  •   The Pink Flower Murano Charm (Discontinued)
  • Sparkling Heart Charm
  • x2 Firework Clips (no. 790210)
  • Pandora Bag Charm (no. 791184) 
I personally didn't wear my bracelet for quite a while due to the fact I didn't want to lose it, I am soon going to buy a silver safety chain for it meaning it can't come off easily.

For christmas my wonderful Aunty and Uncle brought me the 'Pandora Bag Charm' and its honestly the cutest little charm, you honestly can't go wrong with Pandora. If you are ever stuck on what to buy for someone as a birthday present or any occasion, if you know they have a Pandora Bracelet or necklace get them a little charm, they are so meaningful.

Hope you all had a great New Years! Exciting things coming this year...
Until next time,