Professional Beauty Show 2017


Recently I attended the Professional Beauty Show in London, this was my first every beauty show and I was lucky enough to be Press during the weekend which allowed me to have backstage access and also receive a great goody bag!

I thought I would write a post showing you all the samples and products that I brought at the Show, I met some really lovely people at the show including bloggers and business owners so thank you to everyone for being so lovely and welcoming.

First of all I will show you all what I got in my Professional Beauty Press goody bag.

 Guccio Colour in the shade 'Cuppa Cuccio 6119'

This polish is very quick drying and very opaque, the glitter is very intense and it has a beautiful finish.

 'Scrun' - This hair accessory is definitely something I couldn't live without now especially when im at work. This Scrun is a combination of the traditional hair 'bun' and a 'scrunchie'. Perfect solution to putting your hair up quickly in the mornings before work. The Scruns are also available in blonde (shown in photos) and brunette. 

 Makeup brush cleanser by 'StylPro' (Sample size)

 'YANA' Beauty Liquid collagen shot - This is one of the more interesting products in my goody bag, at first I thought this was a foundation sample but when I began reading the leaflets that YANA had supplied me it became apparent this was much more than what I first thought... You can find out more about YANA here

 Some wonderful 'De-Stress Mind' Bath and Shower Gel by Aromatherapy Associates London. Whilst opening this sample size product I honestly thought it wouldnt have much of a scent but no, it smells absolutely incredible. Just a few of the ingredients listed are; Coconut oil, Citrus & Leaf oil. Aromatherapy Associates

Now for the products that I spend my own money on...

 When I found out that Spectrum were going to be at the Beauty Show I just knew I couldn't resist purchasing some new beautiful brushes. It just so happened that Spectrum had some wonderful show deals including these four brushes and the makeup pouch shown in the photos.

 I also purchased this 'Half Mermaid, Half Unicorn' pouch from Spectrum, I just loved the colour and concept behind it.

I discovered a new makeup brand at the show, K Co. From this brand I brought there 'Brow Powder & Stencils' because the powder is 'semi permanent' it stays on all day meaning your brows stay defined and perfect. It also came with two eyebrow stencils, one 'natural' and one 'thick' meaning you can decide which suits your brow shape better. All the products from K Co have been created in the UK. 

 From K Co I brought the 'Foundation Powder' I honestly thought at first this was going to be slightly over rated... honestly this powder will keep my skin looking 'non oily' all day. You can also use this powder without any liquid foundation on. Really good product.

 K Co 'Super Lash' mascara and 'Liquid Lip Paint' in the shade '3 Peach Pink' 

K Co Natural Glow Powder Foundation.

 For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know how much I adore 'DreamWeave' mascara'. I usually only get the 'Lash construct Magnet Mascara' (Gold one) but after loving this product so much I thought I would try the Black edition. (One contains lash serum)

 I figured it was about time I brought some Gel polishes of my own so I picked up some Bluesky Gel polishes, the colours I got are; A22, 80546, 80564, 80503 and 80534.
Bluesky is definitely my favourite Gel polish brand, they have such a great and various range of colours. They stock Neons, Glitters, Nudes and almost everything else you can think of.
Take a look at Bluesky's Colours

Recently I have started using some different tan so I figured being at the Beauty show would be a great opportunity to sample and buy some. Moroccan Tan won me over! The tan shade isn't orange at all, it has violet undertones meaning the tan is more 'mediterranean looking.'

The tan set that I brought at the show included 'Primer' to exfoliate the skin before applying the Tan resulting in less chance of streaks and achieving a even tan. I also got the Tanning Mousse, I decided to get the Mousse rather than the lotion because it has a darker finish which is what I am wanting in a Tan and finally the 'Extender and Gradual Tanner' which you apply when you have used the Mousse and it has started to wear off after a few days you can use the Extender to top it up. 

 Finally the last thing I picked up from the Beauty Show and one of my favourite buys of the day are these beautiful Mink lashes by Masqur Beauty. These are the lashes 'Senorita'. I have been using strip lashes for years and these by far have topped any that I have ever used. These are definitely my 'go to' lashes from now on. Highly suggest these lashes if you are looking for some high quality ones.

I had an excellent time at the Professional Beauty Show this year in London, I can't wait for next year. 

Thank you to all the wonderful brands that were generous and Professional Beauty for having me also thank you to Hollie, Laura and Sarah. 

Until next time,