Twenty nineteen - One I'll never forget....


We moved into our new house just over a month ago and I have only just today connected my laptop to my wifi. I honestly haven't had the motivation or inspiration to write anything but today something changed... I remembered why I started this blog six years ago and why I love doing what I do. The reason why I started this blog was to share my thoughts about certain topics, admittedly back then it was light hearted subjects and definitely weren't parenthood related but all the same. So today that's what i'm here to do... let's have a chat. 

This year has been one I will definitely never forget, a lot has changed... Maci turned one back in June and she had the most incredible party with all of our favourite people. Relationships broke down unexpectedly and we also moved home twice, oh and Maci started walking... a lot has happened in between these big events but when someone mentions this year that is what comes to my mind straight away. 

So what have I learnt throughout this year so far? I have learnt that everything can change very quickly, your 'normal' can soon become a memory and that you should cherish moments. I also can't believe that whilst I am sat writing this I have an *almost* sixteen month old upstairs asleep, how has that happened? Time goes so incredibly quickly... But ultimately I am so exceedingly grateful for everything I have and the friends and family that Maci and I have. 

Maci is doing incredibly well, she is now walking and almost running about. She now says quite a few words such as; mum, dad, diesel (dog) yes and sit. She's got such a fabulous sense of humour, she finds the most silly things hilarious which I absolutely love. She still isn't sleeping throughout the whole night but we have made progress so ill accept that and she is in size 2-3 year clothes because she's a little chunky monkey. I have just started looking at nurseries for her to attend next September and it's all a bit daunting but I know she will love it an immense amount.

With regards to me I am still getting use to being responsible for a whole house (and everything that comes in tow!), a toddler, and well... myself! Its very easy to forget about me but I have come to realise how important it is to not 'burn myself out' and that sometimes its ok to sit down and watch television or even have a scroll through your phone once in a while. I have taken a slight backseat with blogging for a while but I have been working with some incredible companies over on my socials which keep me busy. But I am doing okay, so thank you all for any messages you may of sent on other platforms. 

I am aiming to write post frequently again so watch this space and thank you for taking your time to read this little life update.

Until next time,