P.S Lip Liner and Lip Crayon Review and SWATCHES (Primark Brand)


So a while back whilst browsing through Primark as one does, I discovered that they actually have their own makeup line called 'P.S'! Im not sure how I wasn't aware of this but I always seem to just walk past the area where the makeup, perfume and lashes are without even glancing...

After discovering this, I brought the P.S Lip Crayon in the shade 'Nude' and the Lip Pencil also in the shade 'Nude'. Honestly I thought these two products were going to be appalling, I thought that they weren't going to be pigmented at all and that they would totally dry my lips out, but I was so wrong!
I am so surprised with how wonderful the Lip Crayon is, I have worn is almost every single day since I bought it because it is such a natural colour that you can almost wear it with any 'makeup look'. Also, using these two products together I find it easier than usual to slightly overline my lips to make them appear larger. 

And the best part is that the Lip Crayon only cost £2.00 and the Lip Pencil cost £1.00, now for that price this products are truly incredible and are a must-have!

 These are the two products swatched next to each other, Lip Crayon on top and the Lip Pencil underneath.
P.S Lip Crayon in the shade 'Nude'

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My Everyday Makeup (Drugstore, Affordable!)


I thought it was about time that I actually posted a 'Beauty' related post so here we go! 
I haven't done an updated version of 'My Everyday Makeup' for quite a while. My Everyday Makeup is extremely affordable and it is all 'Drugstore Products'. 

First of all, the Primer that I am currently using daily is the 'Baby Skin, Instant Poor Eraser', I brought this Primer after reading great reviews about it online, it definitely took me a while to get use to but after a few weeks of using it, I would definitely recommend it. 
The Foundation, I have been using the 'No 7 Airbrush Away' Foundation in the shade 'Calico' for almost a year now and I can't fault it. I struggled to find a foundation to match my skin type because for ages I thought I had oily skin but it turned out that I actually have Dry skin. 
The concealer that I use is the 'Miss Sporty, Perfect Stay 10 Hour' concealer in the shade 'Medium'. I initially bought this concealer as undereye highlighter but you can use this concealer for blemishes too.

Next onto eyes...
The liquid eyeliner that I use is the 'Miss Sporty, Studio Lash The Miaoww Look' felt tip, once again similar to the foundation, It took me ages to find a product that I was happy with but I can honestly say, this product stays on all day and it is easy to apply once you get use to it. 
To line my bottom lash line I use the 'Rimmel Jet Black Pencil' in '061' this product never fails shock me every day, its so pigmented and doesn't smudge!

When I am not wearing 'Eyelure' False Lashes I use the incredible 'Maybelline, Lash Sensational Lash  Multiplying Mascara' this is another product that you may of seen a lot of people on the internet suggesting, but honestly it is one of the best, most volumising Mascaras I have ever used. 

When I have a bit more time in the morning I will contour using the 'MUA LUXE, Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit' this duo has a highlighter on top and then a bronzer underneath, perfect contour duo! The highlighter has a lovely shimmer to it perfect for highlighting the top of your cheekbones and your brow bone! 


My lipstick depends on what mood I am in on the day... sometimes I will wear a purple lip and others I will wear a nude, it simply depends on how I am feeling! The two lipsticks I included in this post are the 'Technic, Fuchsia Rose' which is just a lovely pinky tone to go with a simple, everyday makeup look. The other lip product that I included is the 'Fashionista Style Transformation' lipstick which is a gorgeous, pigmented dark purple shade. 

And finally, the brushes that I use to apply all of my makeup... For contouring I use the 'Real Techniques, Sculpting Brush' and finally for applying powder and foundation I use the 'Real Techniques, Buffing Brush' and the 'Multi-Task Brush'.

*I apologise that my brushes aren't clean, whoops!*

My Everyday Makeup Look... 

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Embrace The Internet Don't Abuse It #GirlLove


First of all, welcome to 2016! I hope you all have a great year full of new and wonderful experiences. 

A few days I watched a video by one of my favourite Youtubers of all time, of course I am talking about the incredible Lilly Singh aka iisuperwomanii. Lilly created a video called #GirlLove in which she talks about a new movement she has created, which is aiming to target 'girl on girl' hate and attempt to minimise it. The video is extremely moving and if you haven't seen it yet I highly advice you go and give it a quick watch iisuperwomanii's #GirlLove
If you watch the video, the movement becomes simple... Instead of saying negative things about other girls online and in 'everyday life' say something nice, something positive. 

So, what can you do to help with this movement? All you have to do is compliment another woman and use the hashtag #GirlLove to promote the movement and share your lovely words with others.
I am extremely passionate about this hence why I decided to dedicate time to it and write about it for you all, I think it is just a great cause and it will spread the word quickly, and hopefully make people think and consider what they are saying to others.

A wise Rabbit once said 'If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all'

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