2018 A Year In Review - Pregnancy & Birth

Now let's all give ourselves a 'pat on the back' yes, we made it successfully to 2019. 

I have never written a year review before but after the tremendous life-changing year that 2018 was, I simply couldn't not write about it again.

Where to start? 2018 began with me being about 15-20 weeks pregnant being very ill (yes physically vomiting) and quite honestly not enjoying pregnancy at all. By this stage I had been told I was 'too ill' to work so I now didn't have a job either and that was an extremely daunting feeling. January brought my 19th birthday which we celebrated in our local pub with some family which was a lovely evening. It was also in January that we found out Maci was in fact a girl (I was convinced she was a boy) 

2018 was a year of counting down the days and im aware you should never really do that but that's what I think of when someone mentions 'last year'. At the time it seemed like the longest year ever, the days seemed to drag on being taken up with constant puking, doctors appointments and so on. Pregnancy is suppose to be an enjoyable time but the practicality of it is that sometimes it isn't and it can truly feel like you're dying.

As the year progressed it became more and more apparent that come June we would be bringing a little human into the world and that's a very scary thought when you struggle to look after yourself. I remember standing in front of the calendar (Yes we still have a 'wall calendar') and counting how many 'pages' it was until June 18th 2018 which was Maci's due date, little did we know she would in fact come slightly early and was born on June 13th at 8:05am weighing 8lbs 11oz.

For me the highlight of last year and one of the biggest ones of my life was giving birth to Maci and bringing our little girl into the world. Pregnancy was not an enjoyable experience but it was worth the struggle when I look at our little girl. 

2018 taught me many things about myself... I realised I can cope with a lot more physically and mentally than I ever thought was possible. I've realised that I can in fact survive pregnancy and birth despite how scary and daunting it seems at the time. 

I will always treasure the year 2018 as it brought me my best friend and my mini me.

Until next time,