Plump lips and luscious lashes


I have been lucky enough to be able to review two great products for you all today. I have many more of these posts lined up for you all so please let me know your opinions (comment below or tweet me)

Lip voltage 'Mix Up The Voltage' -  Let's be honest a majority of us want big, plump lips, but how many of us are brave enough to face those dreaded filler needles. Im certainly not... So instead of having fillers I find that lip plumper gloss is a good substitute, it may not last weeks and weeks but it certainly gives you plump lips for a while. So if you want to see what you look like with plump, large lips then I highly suggest trying some lip plumper. There are many different brands of 'lip plumper gloss' but make sure you ALWAYS check the content of your product. The feeling may take a bit of getting use to but once you are familiar with the feeling it is a great product!

(Image taken by @stormydoos

DreamWeave Magnet Mascara Link - You know when you find a product that you simply couldn't recommend enough? Well this is one! A few of you may know if you follow me on twitter that a while a go I had a very bad experience with individual eyelash extensions (Severe allergic reaction) meaning that now I am not able to have lash extensions again as I simply won't risk my eye sight. For months now I have been trying to find a mascara substitute and I am extremely happy to say that I have finally found it. This mascara makes my lashes look insane, I have been asked numerous times if my lashes are my own and let me tell you, I get great pleasure in replying 'yes they are my own'. This product also contains no harsh chemicals and as far as I have found it seems fine for sensitive eyes.

Thank you to Gemma Denham from Beauty Boutique giving me these great products to review for you all.

*Sponsored post, all opinions are my own*

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