New Favourite!


On Saturday afternoon I went out for Lunch with my family and I decided to order a different drink to what I would usually order which would be a Coke or J2O. I finally settled on the decision to try 'Fentimans Traditonal Rose Lemonade'. I have previously tried Pink lemonade and really enjoyed it so I figured this would roughly be the same thing.

I enjoyed this drink so much that I actually brought a bottle to bring home with me although it is a strange drink to have in the winter as I feel lemonade is a summery' drink.

I would highly suggest trying this drink next time you see it in a bar or a shop, its non alcoholic and is a lovely refreshing drink!

Until next time,

DIY Cute Mason Jars...


For Christmas my parents brought me the 'Real Technique makeup brush set' it Included five brushes. The Multi-task brush, buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, setting brush and the essential crease brush.
I have wanted this set nearly all year and I am so greatful to of recieved it for Christmas.
I suddenly realised that I didn't have enough room in my 'red heart vintage jar' on my dressing table for anymore brushes so I looked online to buy a new cute makeup brush holder although they all seemed pretty pricy and I wasn't really fond of any of them.

I remember that a few weeks ago I brought a candle that was in a Mason Jar, I loved the 'hot chocolate' scented candle so much that I burnt it down to the point in which I couldn't possibly light it anymore without burning myself, so that wasn't an option. I washed the mason Jar out with boiling hot water and placed some scented crystals into the bottom and created a wonderful, cute, new Mason Jar for my makeup brushes!

I am so happy with how it turned out, considering I was going to just throw the Jar out. It now has a new lease of life on my dressing table.

Recycling things woooo!

Until next time,

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have all have had a great Christmas and spent it with your families.

I am so greatful for all of my presents which I recieved, this post is not to brag about what I recieved, I want to simply let you all know about upcoming reviews, videros etc.
Of course will be be many 'extra' reviews, this is only a few.

  •  Nikon D3200 review and prehaps a 'How to use' video
  • Zoella Beauty review
  • Real Technique brushes review
  • Baylis and Harding bath soaps
  • Russel Brand book review
You may of noticed that on my other social media platforms (IG/stormydoos - Twitter @stormydoos) I have been posting HQ photos over the last couple of days, that is because for Christmas I got a Nikon D3200 camera. It is honestly one of the greatest things, the focus and zoom is perfect. I am looking forward to filming a few more Youtube videos in 2015, whilst some how finding time to revise for my upcoming GCSE's.

2015 is going to be a great year.

Until next time,

 Facebook Photography Page!

Winter looks


I decided to put together some outfits which I would wear for the winter months. I have started wearing my black Dc Martens again recently, they go really well with so many outfits and are very comfortable. I also enjoy changing the laces in my DM's, you can purchase customised laces from

First look: This look included a 'marshmallow' coloured frilled skater skirt with black elastic, a long sleeved black shirt, black leather jacket and not forgetting my black suede heeled boots from New Look.
This look was fairly warm, although you could always make it warmer by wearing a pair of wooly tights underneath the skirt.
I feel like this outfit was a lot more girly than the second, it would be great for a date or just hanging out with some friends.

Second Look: This oufit included; Leather jacket, long sleeved black shirt, stripped jeggings and finally my black Dc Martens laced up with the monochrome laces from Aces Laces.

Hope this gave you a little inspiration for some different winter looks.

Until next time,

(Thank you to Issy for helping me with the photos)

Revolution Makeup Review.

Today I brought the 'Revolution london makeup review' gift set, it included a Eyeliner, Glitter Eyeliner, Kohl Pencil and Professional Eyelash Curler.
At first glance I really liked the professional eyelash curler, it is in a rose gold finish and looks really beautiful, it also works a treat. Makes it so much easier to apply mascara and it looks effective without having clumpy eyelashes (depends on the mascara)
The eyeliner is a wand applictor and it is really pigmented, it looks great once you have applied it. Although personally I feel the wand is slightly large to get a perfect wing or defined line (this might just be my eyeliner technique though). This is the same with the glittery eyeliner, the pigmentation is great although the wand is to big. 
 The Kohl pencil (double ended) has not got a great colour, it fades quickly. This is the only thing which I feel lets this set down, once again its only my opinion though.  

I would reccomend this set because it is great value, you get 4 items for the price you would pay for one 'up market' mascara, although you have to bare this in mind. Low prices normally means slightly less quality products. 

Until next time,
Stormydoos (IG/stormydoos)



So a few weeks ago we brought some Alpacas to add to our collection of Rare breed animals on the farm.  We already have twenty three sheep (I think) and two pigmy goats.

I headed out today into the fields to try and get some photographs of the three new editions to the family. They seemed suprisingly photogenic. The sheep wanted to be models too...

More photos on my Instagram @stormydoos

Until next time,
Stormydoos x

How to - Traditional dried orange slice decorations.


So this evening I decided to attempt to make some Dried Orange slice Christmas decorations. I have seen many beautiful photos of people creating wonderful decorations using orange slices on Instagram and tumblr so I decided to give it a go myself (baring in mind I barely know how to use an oven) ...

 What you will need

Oranges (I used only a few for the first attempt)
sharp knife,
Chopping board,
tea towel or kitchen towel,
(Cinamon if you choose too use it)

You will also need an oven, preheated to 110C


My oven was over the suggested temperature when I put the orange slices in, meaning they only took about 45 minutes with being turned about 25 minutes in.
It is suggested you heat the orange slices for aprox 3 hours, turning every 30 minutes.
Placing finished slices on a radiator will also help to complete the dying process.
optional - fork, icing sugar, powdered gelatine, whole cloves & cinamon.

How to

- Using your sharpest knife, cut oranges into thin slices, but no more than 1cm thick.
- Place orange slices between two tea towels or kitchen paper to blot out excess juice. (the more juice you remove the quicker they will dry out)
- Place onto a over proof tray and place into the oven, making sure the orange slices are not touching.
- Turn the slices every 30 minutes, or sooner if you would like.
- When the slices have turned slightly brown they are ready to come out!
- Now its completely up to you how to use them, you can either attach the slices with a piece of twine and hang it around your house, place the slices in a bowl or simply add the slices to the Christmas tree. Its completely up to you!
The slices may be slightly sticky but they will dry out completely in about 12 hours.

You can add cinamon sticks to your Orange slices, it adds to the scent.

Below I will add some photos of ways in which you can use your Orange Slices and some of my own photos from the process of creating these wonderful homemade decorations.

Please bare in mind I used various techniques to make these Orange Slices, they don't always come out perfect and by no means am I someone to be giving advice on how to cook/bake.

Until next time,
Stormydoos (Instagram /stormydoos)

Shooting with Toddlers...


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with my brother. Normally nobody can ever get a quality photo of him because he never stands still.
Luckily I know some tricks...

I am really happy with how these photos came out, I am not a professional photographer and/or editor. At the moment it is just a hobby but hopefully I will be able to take a photography and editing course at college next year.

Until next time,

Remember to see more photos from this shoot and others, follow me on Instagram @stormydoos
Stormydoos x

Minimalist photographs.


Today I decided to try something new with my photography. Sadly I didn't have anyone to help me make my vision become reality but luckily i've gotten used to doing it on my own.
I modelled and shot the photos below.

Recently I have realised that a lot of photography is getting extremely 'fake' with animals and people edited in that weren't actually there when the photo was shot. Although despite this please don't feel like I dont like a 'well edited' photo because a majority of them are breathetaking and have a wonderful artist behind them creating something out of normality.

I was scrolling through tumblr and came across some 'shadow' photographs, I then realised how something so simple as a shadow could look so effective in a still life photo, so I gave it a shot.
I still have to work on my angelling and positioning of the lights to get the shadows dark enough and bold, I personally feel that these photos came out well considering I was modelling and taking the photo at the same time.

I have only edited a few so far which will be added below, for more photos of this shoot please check out my Instagram which is @stormydoos

Until next time,
Stormydoos x



I'm so relieved its finally the weekend... no school for two whole days!

I'm starting work at 9:00am tomorrow morning and finishing mid-afternoon meaning that I can finally go and do some Christmas shopping!

I'm baby sitting on Sunday and might possibly film a little YouTube video?

Until next time,

Feeling festive

Normally I can't wait for December but this year its been slightly different.
A few months ago we got told our Year 11 mock exams would be taking place in the first two weeks of December and lets be honest, who likes exams?!

I am currently stuck between enjoying the christmas lights and decorations everywhere and deciding which exam to revise for next.
I can't honestly wait for these two weeks to be over... I have some really lovely christmas themed shoots planned for you guys and I can't wait to get back into what I love.

I am getting a BRAND NEW CAMERA for Christmas so expect your Instagram newsfeeds to be spammed with my festive photos over the christmas period (@stormydoos).

I better go and carry on revising for my Biology exam first thing tomorrow morning! *sigh* but the hard work has to be done to enjoy the fun things to come in a few weeks!
Not to mention my 16th in January! *squeal* Im so excited for that...

Until next time,