On Wednesday (15th April) myself and Issy went to see Mcbusted Live on their 'McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure' Tour and I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.
I really loved how they interacted with the audience throughout the whole show and they even had a 'kiss cam'...

I have always been a Mcfly fan aslong as I can remember so getting the chance to see the boys plus Busted seemed incredible!

The song set for the whole tour is;

I would highly recommend that if you have the chance to get tickets to go and see Mcbusted that you should jump at the chance! We had standing tickets so as you can see from the photos we were extemely close!
Also Matt winked at me... *SQUEAAAAAL* 
* Thank you Issy for inviting me and I hope yourself and Tom had a great birthday! *

Until next time,



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