How are you? It's been a while but I have been itching to start blogging again. I get such enjoyment out of the escapism that writing gives me. It allows me to share my feelings, thoughts, and everything else in between without any judgment (well, the comment section is always open...)

I am now twenty-four years old, I have a little boy called Freddie who is five months old, a lovely fianc√© and of course, Maci is doing really well and she started primary school last year. 

I have a few posts planned and I can't wait to get creating again for you all. As always if there is anything you would like to see from me then please let me know either below in the comments or on my socials. 

What to expect - 

  • Quick and simple makeup routine
  • Craft ideas to do at home
  • Weaning essentials
  • My breastfeeding experience so far
  • Dealing with Hyperemesis again

Here's to the next chapter.