Ah I can't believe it... My blog is 1 YEAR OLD!
Okay so technically my blog has been live for a year on the 3rd of November, not today (6th of November) but I can't believe I have been writing this blog for a whole year!

So sadly for those of you who don't like sappy blog posts, I suggest you click off of this now because that is exactly what this is going to turn into...

I have met so many great people and worked with so many wonderful companies over the past year, I remember thinking that nobody would read my blog and now I am sat here looking at the views which are just over 17,400 in the last year. I am honestly so grateful to everyone who reads my posts, so a massive thank you to you all!

I am aware that recently my posts have been slightly less frequent than they have been previously and I promise I am trying really, really hard to try to post each week! So please bare with me... Also in December I will attending the Clothes Show in Birmingham which I am extremely excited about blogging about so watch this space!

So I suppose that is all for now, wow... my little blog turned one year old!

Until next time,