June Favourites!


So, I have decided it is about time that I wrote another Monthly Favourites post! So here we go... 

My first favourite of this month would have to be the 'St.Tropez' fake tan. I have only recently started using fake tan because I felt as so I was to pale and let's be honest, everyone looks healthier with a glowing tan. I will post some progress photos on my Instagram to show you all the difference from before I started using it compared to now. Many people stay away from using Fake Tan because they think it is going to turn out orange and streaky which is what I love about these products because it is a brown tone instead of orange and it has never once gone streaky!

Step 1 (left bottle); Exfoliant 
Step 2 (middle): Lotion
Step 3 (right); Bronzing lotion

My next favourite of this month would have to be Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brush - Before I started using this a while ago I found that I was having breakouts and that my skin was very oily, after using this product a few times a week my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. 

Next is something that adds a bit of colour to my face! I have never been a 'blush' kinda girl, I always use contour but never usually blush so this product for me was a complete trial and I really like it.
It is a creme blush instead of a powder which was also a strange idea for me because I usually always use powder based products. 

My next favourite of June is something a bit more on the pricey side but I feel it is definitely worth it. It is the 'Flash' fragrance by Jimmy Choo. Im not really sure how else to describe the scent of this perfume other than 'sophisticated'. This is the perfume that I will wear out for an evening, it isn't a 'everyday' perfume I feel.

These two products are probably some of my most used ones that I own. I have always been someone who loves eyemakeup and of course eyeliner plays a massive part in that! I have tried so many different jet black liquid eyeliners and this combination are definitely the best that I have found so far.

Now onto nail varnishes... Although I really love bright colours to wear on my nails I have really been loving these pastel summer colours by 'Barry M'.
These polishes last weeks and barely crack or chip and the colour range in the 'Gelly collection' are stunning.

(Left to right)
Sugar Apple, Coconut. Rose Hip and Blueberry.

And finally for this month' favourites I wanted to share with you all the white rustic pots that I bought from IKEA that are ideal to store makeup brushes in. They are metal and very sturdy, I am not entirely sure what they are called in store but they are definitely worth looking out for! 

Hope you all enjoyed this favourite' post and I will be blogging a lot more in the upcoming months!

Until next time,