Having some 'self care' time! - AD Trenza Braidbar Southampton


For those of you who are parents you will know how tough it is to get some very important 'self care' time. Recently I was invited along to Trenza Braidbar in West Quay, Southampton and safe to say I jumped at the chance to actually be able to sit down for a while, child free and have my hair transformed into an amazing creation. I certainly was not disappointed. 

It is important to note that Trenza Braidbar do not just do 'crazy and colourful' creations but they do also do natural braids but for me, I wanted to try something a bit out of my comfort zone hence the vibrant masterpiece that Nicole created for me. Trenza also have a mother and daughter package for those of you who have older little ones who would enjoy having their hair braided.

You can find Trenza Braidbar near the Apple Store in West Quay, Southampton.

So next time you have some spare time, why not book in with Trenza Braidbar. It is truly incredibly how confident I felt whilst having my hair in this bubble braid, I instantly wanted to have a photoshoot!

Massive thank you to the lovely ladies at Trenza for making me feel so comfortable and allowing me some much needed 'me time'.

Until next time,