Gender Scan Experience - BOY OR GIRL?


On the 3rd of January 2018 we went for our Gender Scan. Now neither of us really knew what this would actually involve apart from finding out the gender. We decided to go to Window To The Womb for our scan as this was the closest one to us and I can honestly say it was such a lovely experience that I would recommend to anyone. All the staff were so friendly and welcoming which is exactly what you need and want on such a big day.

The scan package that we had bought also included a 4D sneak peek at our little baby which we were so excited about and we were not disappointed. 

For this Scan you have to be at least 16 weeks pregnant in order to find out the Gender, I was exactly 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant for anyone wondering about the quality of the images. There are other scans that you can have before being 16 weeks to check the wellbeing of the baby also. (You can find all the different scan packages on the website)

Now for the question everyone keeps asking, why did you want to find out and why didn't you wait until the NHS 20 week scan? 
Myself and my partner were very lucky to receive the scan as a gift from one of our very good friends (Hi, Anna!) although we always said that we wanted to find out as soon as possible to enable us to start preparing for the babies arrival in June. To be quite honest, I was very bored of seeing white baby grows... I wanted to know if we were Team Pink or Blue! 

On the 3rd of January 2018 we found out that we are expecting a little baby...


And we couldn't be happier.

Did you guess right? Let me know below.

Once again another Thank you to all the staff at Window To The Womb for being so friendly.

Until next time,