Merry Christmas!

Hope you have all have had a great Christmas and spent it with your families.

I am so greatful for all of my presents which I recieved, this post is not to brag about what I recieved, I want to simply let you all know about upcoming reviews, videros etc.
Of course will be be many 'extra' reviews, this is only a few.

  •  Nikon D3200 review and prehaps a 'How to use' video
  • Zoella Beauty review
  • Real Technique brushes review
  • Baylis and Harding bath soaps
  • Russel Brand book review
You may of noticed that on my other social media platforms (IG/stormydoos - Twitter @stormydoos) I have been posting HQ photos over the last couple of days, that is because for Christmas I got a Nikon D3200 camera. It is honestly one of the greatest things, the focus and zoom is perfect. I am looking forward to filming a few more Youtube videos in 2015, whilst some how finding time to revise for my upcoming GCSE's.

2015 is going to be a great year.

Until next time,

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