Minimalist photographs.


Today I decided to try something new with my photography. Sadly I didn't have anyone to help me make my vision become reality but luckily i've gotten used to doing it on my own.
I modelled and shot the photos below.

Recently I have realised that a lot of photography is getting extremely 'fake' with animals and people edited in that weren't actually there when the photo was shot. Although despite this please don't feel like I dont like a 'well edited' photo because a majority of them are breathetaking and have a wonderful artist behind them creating something out of normality.

I was scrolling through tumblr and came across some 'shadow' photographs, I then realised how something so simple as a shadow could look so effective in a still life photo, so I gave it a shot.
I still have to work on my angelling and positioning of the lights to get the shadows dark enough and bold, I personally feel that these photos came out well considering I was modelling and taking the photo at the same time.

I have only edited a few so far which will be added below, for more photos of this shoot please check out my Instagram which is @stormydoos

Until next time,
Stormydoos x