So for this post I have decided to think about where I might be in 5 years time and what I may of achieved... In 5 years time I will be 21 years old *ahhh*

By the age of 21 I hope to of been successful at college and got 3 A levels in Photography (course im starting in September) and then the rest is all a bit of a muddle, im not sure if I want to go down the photography route or prehaps turn to fashion? Maybe even journalism, who knows?
The point is im only 16, I dont know what I want to be doing when Im 21 years old, that seems like such a long way off.
Truth is I would love to have my own fashion line and prehaps makeup range, I believe if you want something enough and you work for it, then it will eventually happen. So wish me luck guys!

But in the mean time I have to tackle these GCSE's which are fastly approaching over the next couple of months then have an amazing summer with great people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Let me know...

Until next time,

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