Deer Makeup!? Hair & Beauty Show

During this week I attended a local Hair & Beauty show to help a friend out by modelling for her. It was a wonderful day despite the imense inhaling of hairspray and body paint which I am still coughing from. I thought you all would be interested in the look. Our theme was 'Spring' so I was turned into a Deer. I genuinely think the makeup was done very well, it took a few hours to get my face contoured correctly.
I was originally planning on vlogging the whole day for my channel but on the way to the venue my camera decided to refuse to work, so then I realised that I was going to have to miss a great vlogging opportunity and take Iphone selfies instead and write a post decided to it (hence the Iphone selfies below)

I will list as many as the products used below that I can remember! I was considering filming a makeup tutorial for this look soon if that is helpful.

Lashes (Similar): Eylure Lashes

I hope to be able to attend next years Hair & Beauty show.
Until next time,