What I've Achieved in 2015 And What's Coming Next Year...


Its nearly the end of the year meaning yes, here is one of those typical 'What I've achieved this year' posts but personally I believe it is important to acknowledge what you have achieved so you can simply gain knowledge for the future. 
Wow, that sounded posh...

Last month my Blog had its 1st birthday and it that small space of time I have reached nearly 18,000 reads and I have collaborated with some incredibly talented people along the way, I also would like to think that I have made some great friends. A few of which you can check out here >
 Aces Laces
FairyPants (Vegan Cosmetics)
Gourmandisons Jewellery
 Blakely Clothing
Graze Box 
I have some extremely exciting collaborations already lined up and planned for 2016 so watch this space, it's going to be big!

I also met some incredible girls whilst taking part in the running of 'Sparkle of Style' which was a collaborative Blogger project that I took part in with these wonderful girlies...
Royally Rouge (Frances) 
So, what else have I been up to this year? 
I finished school *thank goodness* and I began college doing a course that I enjoy and that I am extremely passionate about, Photography! I have met so many wonderful people at college, I have made some friends for life. 

So going into 2016, you are probably wondering what I would like to achieve? 
Well, I want to be driving before the summer hopefully. I turn 17 in a few weeks which is the legal age to drive in the UK, I need to obviously take lessons, take my theory and practical and then hit the roads! But I have to pass the exam part first... Secondly I would like to dedicate more time to my Youtube channel and maybe invest in some professional lighting because living in the UK you simply can't rely on natural lighting in the winter. I have definitely become more confident over the past few months with my online content. Back in school it was not the 'cool' thing to do to make Youtube videos but now I think that if its what I want to do as a hobby and it makes me happy then why the heck not! So expect more content to be uploaded onto my channel over the next few months (Link is on the top of my blog) 
I just want to continue what I am doing now but maybe on a slightly bigger scale... 

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive, huge, gigantic thank you to every single one of you who supports my crazy, badly written posts. Thank you to you for supporting me throughout this year even though at times I was a bit crap, but BETTER THINGS ARE COMING! 

Some Highlights of 2015...

Gourmandisons Jewellery Collaboration 

I couldn't possibly forget about my Prom which I also had this summer... It was amazing to be able to dress up like a princess for an evening and spend it with some of my favourite people.

Bring it 2016, I'm ready. 

Until next time,