Big Changes... Life's Lessons


So, recently there have been some massive changes in my life. Luckily I have always been able to deal with 'change' fairly well but these transitions have certainly taken their toll on me but I can now say  I have learnt some valuable skills which I felt might be helpful to some of you.

As some of you may already know back in September I made the huge leap from Secondary School to beginning to attend college. I have to be totally honest and say I wasn't that nervous about starting College because towards the end of of my time at Secondary School I began to feel like I was to mature for the whole system. The thought of having to be in six different lessons, some of which you weren't the slightest bit interested in seems totally pointless and meaningless to me now. 
I chose to take Level 3 Diploma In Photography at College meaning the only subjects I study is Photography, which is great to a certain extent. 
One massive part of College life which I am loving though is definitely the social side of it, I have made so many great friends which I am sure are friends for life now.

Secondly a second large change which has happened in my life recently is that I decided to get a new part time job, now this may seem like a small thing to some people but I had been at my previous job for almost three years. When you are my age three years seems like a fairly long time! 
I went from one extreme to the other which my job choice, I went from a catering based Job to a receptionist in a posh car showroom. 
I have to admit the first day was terrifying, I was suddenly the first face customers saw when they came into the big glass door at the front of the showroom and quite honestly that scared me. 
I suddenly realised I was doing a 'proper grown up' job, people relied on me.
I can now honestly say that a few weeks I wasn't sure if my new job was suited for me but now I realise it is what you make it. If you go into a situation with a positive attitude and outlook on it then it is most likely you will have a positive result.

So, what have I actually learnt from these two big changes? 
I have learnt that you need to stick to something long enough to properly understand what it entails and sometimes you need to 'throw yourself in at the deep end' and take risks and If it doesn't work out for you then its an experience that you can learnt from and another life lesson learnt.

Until next time,