My Everyday Makeup (Drugstore, Affordable!)


I thought it was about time that I actually posted a 'Beauty' related post so here we go! 
I haven't done an updated version of 'My Everyday Makeup' for quite a while. My Everyday Makeup is extremely affordable and it is all 'Drugstore Products'. 

First of all, the Primer that I am currently using daily is the 'Baby Skin, Instant Poor Eraser', I brought this Primer after reading great reviews about it online, it definitely took me a while to get use to but after a few weeks of using it, I would definitely recommend it. 
The Foundation, I have been using the 'No 7 Airbrush Away' Foundation in the shade 'Calico' for almost a year now and I can't fault it. I struggled to find a foundation to match my skin type because for ages I thought I had oily skin but it turned out that I actually have Dry skin. 
The concealer that I use is the 'Miss Sporty, Perfect Stay 10 Hour' concealer in the shade 'Medium'. I initially bought this concealer as undereye highlighter but you can use this concealer for blemishes too.

Next onto eyes...
The liquid eyeliner that I use is the 'Miss Sporty, Studio Lash The Miaoww Look' felt tip, once again similar to the foundation, It took me ages to find a product that I was happy with but I can honestly say, this product stays on all day and it is easy to apply once you get use to it. 
To line my bottom lash line I use the 'Rimmel Jet Black Pencil' in '061' this product never fails shock me every day, its so pigmented and doesn't smudge!

When I am not wearing 'Eyelure' False Lashes I use the incredible 'Maybelline, Lash Sensational Lash  Multiplying Mascara' this is another product that you may of seen a lot of people on the internet suggesting, but honestly it is one of the best, most volumising Mascaras I have ever used. 

When I have a bit more time in the morning I will contour using the 'MUA LUXE, Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit' this duo has a highlighter on top and then a bronzer underneath, perfect contour duo! The highlighter has a lovely shimmer to it perfect for highlighting the top of your cheekbones and your brow bone! 


My lipstick depends on what mood I am in on the day... sometimes I will wear a purple lip and others I will wear a nude, it simply depends on how I am feeling! The two lipsticks I included in this post are the 'Technic, Fuchsia Rose' which is just a lovely pinky tone to go with a simple, everyday makeup look. The other lip product that I included is the 'Fashionista Style Transformation' lipstick which is a gorgeous, pigmented dark purple shade. 

And finally, the brushes that I use to apply all of my makeup... For contouring I use the 'Real Techniques, Sculpting Brush' and finally for applying powder and foundation I use the 'Real Techniques, Buffing Brush' and the 'Multi-Task Brush'.

*I apologise that my brushes aren't clean, whoops!*

My Everyday Makeup Look... 

Until next time,