What's In My Hospital Bags? (First Time Mum)


For those of you who are new here,  Hello and welcome to my blog. I thought as this post may seem a little 'random' that I would reintroduce myself to those of you who are reading my blog for the first ever time. 

I am Storm, I am 19 years old from the UK and I am a trained Beauty Therapist. I have been blogging for as long as I can remember and it is definitely my guilty pleasure. Now you're probably wondering why I'm writing a post about Hospital Bags, well... I am expecting my first baby any day now and I couldn't be more excited (and scared!) Obviously a huge part of having a baby is the preparation you need to make including packing those all important hospital bag/s and when searching through the internet for ideas I realised that there isn't enough posts helping ladies so I figured I would add my piece. 

Obviously everyone's birth's and labours are different so what one women may need another may not so this is just a rough guide of what you may want to pack in your hospital bags (one bag for baby and one for you!)

What's In The Baby's Bag 

Pre made bottles of formula (I am not breastfeeding and I have chosen to use 'Cow & Gate' formula)
Blanket of some kind 
1x Pack of Pampers Newborn Nappies
Baby wipes (I am using 'Waterwipes')
1 tube of Bepanthen cream
4 Large muslin squares
1 'fleecy' baby grow
6 vests
6 baby grows
3 cotton hats
1 pack of 'Dummies'
Also make sure you have the carseat with you as the hospital will not let you leave without it!

As I mentioned above this list will vary depending on what labour and delivery you have, I am expecting a 'low risk' labour and delivery and should hopefully be out of hospital within a couple of days. Also if you are Breastfeeding you will need different items too.

What's In My Hospital Bag.

Thin Dressing Gown
Underwear (You may want to purchase 'disposable underwear)
New Set Of Pajamas
Vest top/Bikini top (If you're wanting a waterbirth, make sure its one you don't want to keep!)
Toothbrush/es (One for you and your birthing partner)
Phone Charger
Face wipes
Breast Pads
Maternity Pads (Oh the glamour!)
Spray Bottle For Water
Lip Balm
Change for the Carpark
Snacks (easy to eat, such as; crisps, granola bars etc)
Change of Clothes To Come Home

If there is anything that I have missed off this list please leave it below in the comments!

I hope this post has helped some of you to pack your Hospital bags and If this is the case I would like to take the opportunity to say Congratulations and good luck with your labour and delivery. 

It is likely that my next post will be introducing my little girl to you all, how crazy is that?

So until next time,