The Body Shop - Body Yogurts & Face Mist Launch! 100% Vegan


The other evening I was lucky enough to of been invited to an Exclusive event at The Body Shop - The event was to Launch two new products; Body Yogurts and The Face Mists.

 For those of you who have been here for a while you will know that I am a lover of all things from The Body Shop and you will always find at least one of there products on my bathroom shelf that I use daily so the launch of two new products was exciting for me!

(Bunny Headband, Bath Bombs/bubble Bars, Strawberry Lip Balm & Almond Milk Body Yogurt - these products were purchased with my own money although the other products featured were gifted by The Body Shop)

Now I must admit when I heard that another Body Butter type product was launching I was fairly specticle about it, now since getting pregnant I have been using many different types of Body Butter/Lotions daily to try and prevent stretch marks so I have used many different brands. One thing I found with applying these different products is that once you have applied them you then have to sit around and wait for the product to 'soak in' meaning you can't just rush out or with some even sit down due to sticking to the furniture *not good*

Although it became apparent to me after watching the demonstration of the new Body Yogurts that this wasn't the case with this product, it soaks in in only 15 seconds... yes that's right! It's simply amazing and the Almond Milk scent smells delicious.

(Directly from The Body Shop's Website describing the new Body Yogurts)
NEW lightweight, fast-absorbing gel-cream formula
100% vegan
48hr moisture
Enriched with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain
87% agree the formula absorbs instantly*
86% like that the formula works on damp skin*
3 in 4 agree they can put their jeans on straight after application*95% agree skin feels moisturised*81% agree skin appears radiant* *User trial on 104 women & men.

The other Brand new product that launched were the incredible Face Mists. These come in a range of scents such as; Coco Calming (Hydrates), Strawberry Smoothing (Hydrates), Mint Matifying (Mattifies), Mandarin Energising
(Energising) and Rose Dewy Glow (Illuminates).
All these face mists are Makeup friendly meaning you can apply them over your makeup and they will not disturb it although they do not set makeup. They are also all hydrating.

I chose the Coco Calming Face Mist because it smells amazing and will be perfect for everyday use and to pop into my hospital bag! 

I hope this post may of inspired you to pop into your local Body Shop and try out some of there new products which are also 100% vegan. I am honestly blown away with the new products and I have been using both of them daily. 

Once again thank you to Soton Bloggers and The Body Shop.

Until next time,