'So Divine' Sensual Kegal Balls - Gifted Review

For those of you reading this who have had children you'll agree with me that things definitely change once you've given birth. For me it affected my pelvic floor and whilst doing some research I came across Kegal Ball training kits and decided to give it a go. What have I got to lose, right?

If you aren't familiar with what 'Kegal Balls' are, this is the description of the 'So Divine' Kegal Balls - 'These discrete Kegel Balls will help strengthen your pelvic floor. Made from silicone and easy to insert, choose from three interchangeable weights to get warmed up and ready to go'

You can read the full item description here

Before I started researching the benefits of these items I thought they simply helped strengthen your pelvic floor but I was wrong - they do so much more! They help strengthen and tighten PC muscles, Increase blood flow to pelvic region, Prevent urinary incontinent, Helps recover from physical stress such as childbirth and help improve sexual response and function. 

The Kegal Ball Training Set from So Divine Includes3 Individually weighted kegel balls: 36g, 62g, 96g, Exercises & tones pelvic floor muscles, Premium silky soft silicone, Latex & phthalate free, Discreet internal workout, Use with a water-based lube, 'How to guide' included and a Luxury storage bag.

So do they actually work? The answer is yes... I have been using my training kit for just over two weeks now and I am definitely noticing a difference as always I will continue testing this product and post an update in a few weeks time but I have already noticed a positive difference. Obviously everyone is different but for me they are helping. These sets also aren't just for those of you who have had children it is important for all women to give your pelvic floor muscles a 'workout' now and then! 

All packaging which arrives from 'So Divine' is discreet, so no need to worry!

I will post a further update up on my Instagram in a few weeks to let you all know how I am getting on with this brilliant product!

As stated this is a gifted product review, all opinions are those of Storms Blog.

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