What I've learnt from my first year of parenting

Maci recently turned one meaning I have been a parent for an entire year and gosh have I learnt a lot in that time. I've learnt so many things I couldn't even list them all for you but I decided it would be a good idea to share with you all the 'biggest' things that I have learnt throughout my first year of parenting.

Everyone has an opinion (it doesn't matter...)
Whether it's about how you feed your baby, how you clothe your baby or even how you gave birth. Everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING! This is one thing that took me a while to learn and now I know that everyone has an opinion but the only person who knows what's best for their child is you, their parents. Despite the fact I say that other people's opinions don't matter sometimes opinions can be helpful so don't instantly dismiss them.

When you get the hang of one thing, it's time to change (formula to weaning etc)
Just when you get use to how to sterilize bottles and get into a routine its the time to introduce food. Then weaning is a whole new ball game, working out what foods your baby likes, what they're actually able to chew and what brands of foods to give them. Parenthood is one big 'trial and error' and eventually you will work it out... (eventually!)

Newborns do not need fancy outfits.
Before Maci was born I did that thing every first time parent does. I hoarded outfits mainly pretty little dresses. She wore hardly any of them, Maci was 8lbs 11oz when she was born meaning she instantly went into 3-6 month clothes so she never wore 'newborn' sizes. So yes, newborns do not need 'fancy' outfits. All they need are some babygrows, vests, bibs and scratch mitts.

The first six weeks are an absolute blur. 
I remember being told about the dreaded first six weeks and how they will be the toughest of your life as a parent and oh my they were right. I barely remember the first six weeks of Maci's life, it was a muddle of keeping a newborn alive, working out how to make a bottle, change a nappy, dealing with no sleep and crazy hormones! But I promise, it does get easier. Once you establish a routine and workout (roughly) what you're doing it does become easier.

You will end up with 'plastic crap' toys everywhere.
Whilst I was pregnant I remember looking at 'aesthetically pleasing' baby toys. I didn't want anything brightly coloured and definitely no noisy toys. Oh how I was wrong... babies need bright coloured toys to help with their development. Unfortunately pastel wooden toys don't cut it.

Every baby is different (sleep, eating etc)
I soon realised that I had a baby that doesn't like sleep and it took me a while to actually accept that. I couldnt work out why other peoples babies were sleeping and why mine wasn't. Surely I must be doing something wrong? I got myself so worked up because I felt like a failure but the truth is every baby is different. Some babies sleep through, some don't.

Parenthood is tough, every day is a learning curve and that is the main thing I have learnt from the first year of parenting.

Until next time,