OOTD - Winter Beach Walk

At the weekend I decided to take a trip down the local beach and take some photos for my photography portfolio. Of course going down the beach, in the winter in England sounded rather cold. It certainly was...

The outfit I was wearing was made up of;

- A navy blue knitted Jack wills jumper, I got this item for my birthday and its honestly one of the warmest pieces of clothing I own (besides coats & jackets). I love how this jumper is designed so I can wear a collared blouse or shirt underneath!
I couldn't find the exact link, although this one is slightly similar!
- Jumper - (http://www.asos.com/Jack-Wills/Jack-Wills-Cable-Jumper/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4296081&cid=12951&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Navy&totalstyles=130&gridsize=3)

-  I matched this Jumper with a pair of Jack wills leggings, simple although very warm!
   Leggings -  http://www.jackwills.com/en-gb/product/redbrook-leggings-10000240201

- The white moon boots are from Forever 21, I absolutely adore these shoes.
- My bow diamonte earings are also from Forever 21.
- Finally I added a grey and white patterned cashmeer scarf to this look to make it more appropriate for winter.

This was my first ever OOTD, I will make sure for my next one I will have all the links for every product/item.
(Thank you to Olivia and Issy for helping me with the photos!)

Until next time,