Weekly Favourites - Marvellous Maybelline!


It has been requested that I write about my 'Weekly favourites'... It just so happened that I popped into Superdrug this week and picked up some new products! Some of these you may of seen in other posts but I may of just recently started using it every day, hence why its in my weeky favs!
Right... here we go!

First of all, I finally brought a new mascara (yay!) The Maybelline 'Lash sensational, lash multiplying mascara' was a feature product in my local Superdrug. It looked very pretty (Beautiful packaging wooo) and the applicator looked a nice size so I purchased this mascara. Personally I feel this mascara would work a lot better if you spend more time putting it on (not 10 minutes in the morning because your late for school) I say this because if you don't apply it properly it can look clumpy and not nice... Take your time applying and it will honestly look wonderful!

Next is the Maybelline 'Baby skin, Instant pore eraser primer' -  Before I brought this primer I was having a real problem with my makeup, it wasn't staying matte all day and it looked like it was freshly applied with no power by lunch time (not a good look!). My friend recommended this primer (Hey Issy) It's honestly been one of my best ever purchases! Highly recomended!

For my birthday, one of my best friends brought me Zoella's (Zoe sugg) new design of makeup bag! I already have to blue polka dot 'eye design' which I actually use as a pencil case because of the size of it... Thank you Olivia ;) Im pretty sure I will use this one for actually whats its for, which obviously is a makeup bag!

Finally I purchased two of Superdrug's facial masks! The 'Superfruits exfoliating mask' and the 'Tropical cocktail peel-off mask' - I haven't tried these two products out yet but I will post a quick review on Instagram after I have tried them. Just thought I would add it on to the bottom of this post because I am sure that they will be great, there is nothing more relaxing than a facial mask.

Until next time,