AMA Designs! 'Decor Block Art'


For my birthday I recieved a beautiful unique gift from my two best friends. As I have a 'slightly' unsual name it has always been a nightmare, if not impossible to find anything personalised (with my name on). Also each block has a photo of our favourite memories on top, this gift is irreplaceable.

So your probably wondering why this post is called 'AMA Designs' well... My friends mum is extremely talented. The pieces that Alison creates honestly always manages to amaze me, from beaded candle decorations to wooden bunting! Everything is handmade and unique.
I personally would rather buy items from independent businesses like AMA Designs than a big mass producing shop.

I hope this post has prehaps made you think about giving smaller, better quality businesses your time!
I am looking forward to working with more projects like this in the future.

Thank you very much Issy and Olivia for my brilliant birthday present, its one of a kind and I love it!
Until next time,