Youtubers + My Most Recent Video!


Hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend!

If you follow me on my other social medias you will know about this video already, although if you dont know then let me explain. Yesterday I filmed a video to go with +SarahClose1 's youtube cover of 'Happy Little Pill' by @troyesivan . At first I wasn't sure how this video was going to turn out but after an hour of filming I was sure it was going to be something different and new for my channel.
My youtube channel has always been something that I have wanted to do a long side with my blog. I loved the idea of turning on the camera and uploading a video to youtube that thousands of people would see.
Although one thing I have always noticed about youtubers and anybody else on the internet is that they recieve hate. I work extemely hard on every single one of my youtube videos and despite this I always recieve horrible, nasty comments. I am not embarassed by my online work at all... My hobby is photography and filming so why should I be ashamed of sharing this on youtube? Nothing makes me more angry than my friends who also work ridiculously hard on youtube videos recieveing grief from people who simply don't understand their career and hobby. Would you insult someone because they work on TV? You would most likely be proud of them, so why is it any different for youtubers!?

On a happier note, my video which I uploaded yesterday 'Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan/Sarah Close Inspired Video' has already recieved great comments! Also Sarah, herself has watched it and said it was 'Amazing'. I am aware this is only a small step but its something that I am very proud of.
You can watch my new video here... Happy Little Pill - Video by Stormydoos

I really enjoyed filming something unrelated to my normal videos and posts, despite this I will also plan on filming many 'Beauty, fashion & Lifestyle' videos for you all to enjoy!

One more quick thing, I am now going to be uploading post on Mondays and Fridays, due to school work and just general life. Dont forget you can keep up with what Im doing on my other social media platforms ... My Instagram My Twitter

Until next time,

A short clip from my full video... Can watch the full version here FULL VERSION!