Corfu 2015 - Flights, scuba diving and broken flip flops!


If you follow me on Instagram @stormydoos you will be aware that on the 7th of August I travelled with my family for a much needed holiday to corfu in Greece.
We haven't been away together for many years so this was very exciting for all of us, also it was my little brother, Axel's first time on a plane.

The travelling part was actually suprisingly not very stressful, even with a three year old.

A few hours later we arrived in Corfu's airport, which turned into a huge pile of cases and angry brits but after about an hour it soon cleared and we headed off to find out coach which would then drive us through the tiny roads of corfu to our apartment in Sidari.

Once we had travelled a further two hours to our complex we arrived to a spacious 3 bedroom greek style apartment, right next to the pool might I add...
We didn't arrived to our accomondation until extremely late. Meaning that night we unpacked and then got some sleep ready for the following day in the unfamiliar 35 degree heat.

If im totally honest the whole time we were in corfu we spent our time relaxing by the pool and shopping in the local town for typical touristy' things, so im not going to hype this post up and say we did activities every single day because honestly that is not what I went on holiday for... although on the Thursday myself, Max and my dad went scuba diving in a local bay which was totally incredible and I am looking forward to booking myself in, to go diving soon back home in the UK.

One thing I noticed about Greece was just how photogenic everything seemed, from buildings to the native flowers. Prehaps this was just because I was in different surroundings and I was very excited about that... Hence why my Instagram has been filled with photos from my travels.

Before I went away I announced somewhere on the internet (Instagram or my Youtube Channel) that I would film parts of our holiday to then create a vlog when i got home to publish on my channel, If im totally honest with you... I didn't film anything. I had a great relaxing week away from the internet and away from blogging, as much as I love it, everyone needs a break once in a while. So I would like to apologise if you were looking forward to seeing my Corfu Vlog.

Until next time,


Frances Bates ( Royally Rouge) 24 August 2015 at 13:58  

I love the pictures - the underwater ones are so cool! I'm glad that you had a good holiday! xoxo

Storm 25 August 2015 at 04:02  

Aw thank you, I had such a lovely time. Glad you like the photos.
Much love x