Collaboration with Gourmandisons (Handmade Jewellery)


A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this little 'shop' ran by a lovely girl called Flo.
Gourmandisons creates beautiful unique handmade items, anything from pineapple themed earrings to tiny little unicorn necklaces.
I decided that I needed to share with you all this wonderful little shop so perhaps you can head over and check out Flo's wonderful little creations for yourselves.

Flo sent me two necklaces which are absolutely perfect and matched my description that I sent her. I am so happy with the creations that I recieved from Gourmandisons!

Another thing about these necklaces that I love is that the chains are very sturdy and seem like they will last a while, the last thing you want is the chain to break! The silver chains also have tiny little details on them, as you can see in the photo of the 'cookie heart' creation the chain has tiny colour co-ordinated beads attached adding some extra detail.

Thank you very much to Flo at Gourmandisons for collaborating with me on this project and if you have your own shop and would possibly like to be featured on my blog please contact me at ''.

You can find all of Flo's other wonderful creations by following the links below: 

ALittleMarket / Gourmandisons 
Instagram / Gourmandisons 

*This post is not sponsored*

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