The White Horse Hotel Romsey - Light Lunch Menu Review

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being invited to The White Horse Romsey to sample and review the brand new 'Light Lunch Menu' - Safe to say I wasn't disappointed.

As soon as I walked through the doors I knew this would be a pleasurable experience, the decor was homely and fresh. The staff were attentive and lovely, what more could you want on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

First of all we were given some of the homemade bread to try, the bread was fluffy and light. Perfect!

And who knew bread could look so photogenic?

The bread came paired with small dishes in which you could pour your own oil and balsamic vinegar which was already placed on our table.
 We wanted to sample as many dishes as possible on the new 'Light Lunch Menu' so we ordered a few dishes (as you can see)

My favourite appetiser was definitely the Salt & Pepper Squid Paired with a Chilli Jam - Usually I am not a lover of anything spicy although the flavours from the seasoning on the Squid was delightful. Simply couldn't have enough of this!
 Another dish we tried was the Confit Chicken Croquettes now once again this is something I wouldn't usually order but I wanted to see what The White Horse had to offer and these were delicious. The only downside is that I feel they were slightly lacking in moisture although once again, these did come with a Tarragon Mayonnaise which complimented them very well.

Now who doesn't love Sweet Potato Fries?! But they aren't as easy as you may think to cook, if these are on the menu at a Restaurant I am reviewing I will always order them because usually they are 'overdone' or simply 'not cook enough' meaning they are soft... These were cooked perfectly, they had the exact right amount of 'crisp' to them and the seasoning finished them off impeccably well.

It would be rude not to try the deserts wouldn't it?

For desert I ordered the Dark Chocolate Delice - which was astounding. The flavours were impeccable and it was most certainly my favourite desert I have had in a long while.

My overall opinion of the new 'Light Lunch' menu at The White Horse - Romsey is that I would highly recommend that if you're local to go and try this amazing food. Not only is the menu perfect the staff are very attentive and passionate about what they do.

I would like to say Thank you to the staff at The White Horse - Romsey for the pleasure of allowing me to come and review the new menu and also thank you to LifeofEmmax for asking me to come with you.