Maci's Baby Shower (Rustic, Floral Theme)


You may be wondering why you're only just seeing this post and that is because I simply forgot to write it at the time (terrible I know!) some details may be slightly inaccurate but I shall try my best to recreate the day of my baby shower back last year. I was lucky enough that this baby shower was organised by a family member who is also an event planner hence the extravagant event, I hope it may inspire some of you in the future! This post is mainly an excuse to relive the day through photos...

For any expectant mum a Baby Shower is a big deal, it's a celebration of how far you've come in your pregnancy journey so far and a celebration of what's to come in the next few weeks/months. As we found out Maci's gender at 16 weeks of course the theme was pink! Gender Reveal Post

My Baby Shower was hosted in a 16th century rustic barn which added a beautiful rustic theme to the day, the barn also has large gardens in which we had picnic tables and live music. It was a truly unforgettable day. We had pink lemonade on tap, pink glitter cupcakes, confetti balloons and cake pops, what more could you want?!

The ceiling was covered in fairy lights and other decorations.

I knew for this I didn't want lots of trivial games because to be honest at the time I could barely stand without wanting to be sick and I just wasn't in the mood for silly party games and I don't regret it at all! I handed out some little 'guessing sheets' for my guests to fill in and I then kept them all in a book to show Maci when she's older. They included things like 'guess the name, weight, length, birthday etc' and I really enjoy looking back at them now!

One feature that made this day extra special was that we had a polaroid camera, I waddled around taking photos of my guests and then I also stuck them into an album with little handwritten notes next to them too.

I remember at the time I was concerned about what to wear. I brought numerous dresses which I remember crying once I tried on due to the fact that I was almost 31 weeks pregnant. In the end I decided to go for comfort over anything else and I am so happy I did. I wore a white blouse with a black and baby pink pattern and leggings. No fancy dresses here! 

I am extremely privileged to of had such a luxurious Baby Shower but you don't need all of this to have a truly priceless and memorable day. All you need is your friends and family with you to celebrate how far you have come in your Pregnancy journey so far and to celebrate the miracle/s that will be coming into the world in the upcoming weeks/months. 

If you are currently looking for inspiration for your own shower i'd like to take a moment to say Congratulations and enjoy every second. 

(I am extremely sorry that this post has taken me a year to publish...)

Until next time,