AD - Let's talk body positivity!


Now I never thought I would be someone who would be writing a post about body positivity but ay, how times change.

 Before having Maci I was always quite self conscious, I would wear baggy tops because I didn't like how my tummy looked and this was before I had Maci so as you can imagine pregnancy shocked me slightly. I remember after I had Maci simply crying because of how my tummy looked, my stretch marks were bright red and I couldn't ever imagine myself feeling confident in anyway ever again. Time is a great healer... 

Fast forward to now and I couldn't feel happier in my own skin. Don't get me wrong, everyone has 'off' days, even me. My tummy isn't bright red with stretch marks anymore, they're still very much there but no longer 'angry' looking. I wear crop tops and don't panic about people looking at me... because let's face it, people have more important things to worry about in their own lives without being concerned at a bit of tummy being on show.

I have just accepted the fact that I grew a little human for nine months, went through a horrendous labour, birthed an 8lbs 11oz baby and now entertain a hyper toddler 24/7 so I am entitled to ice cream and treats and I am no longer concerned about any 'wobbly' bits that I have.

I have kindly been gifted some lovely items from Pour Moi and I have decided to include them in this post because the underwear set does amazing things for my confidence! If you are someone who struggles with self confidence and body positivity definitely do some underwear shopping,  I know it is probably the last thing you want to do but honestly, you'll see how incredible you look! I highly recommend Pour Moi, their packaging is beautiful and the quality of their underwear is impeccable. 

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Until next time,